Athletes Welcome

Athletes Welcome



Welcome to Colorado Springs, Olympic City, USA

We are a proud sponsor and supporter of the Athletes Welcome program that our great city has to offer.

If you know what float therapy is and how it can help you recover, we invite you to enjoy 10% off all packages and memberships.  You can click here to book your float session.  BOOK NOW


Athletes Welcome Pricing

First Float Package

One Float per Month

Two Floats per Month

Four Floats per Month

If you need to learn more about float therapy, go to our FAQs or check out our Why Float page.

Float therapy is 100% natural, no chemicals, expect for Colorado First state water (H20) and Epsom Salts (MgS04.7H20)

You can also call us at 719-466-6801 and we will gladly answer any questions or book your float session!  BOOK NOW!