Book Your Float

Book Your Float

In 60 minutes you can decrease your stress, muscle tension and pain, and give your body 4 hours worth of restorative rest! Imagine floating weightless, no pressure on your joints or muscles, no sound or light bombarding your sensory system, only the faint smell of salt water. The water and air are about the same temperature as your skin. The stress melts away as you quiet your thoughts, calm your sensory system and relax your stressed muscle and joints, releasing tension and pain.

First Time Floats

New to floating? Check out these great deals on first-time floats. Get either a single float or a 3-float package: the perfect number to get used to floating.

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Single Floats & Packages

Looking for a one-time stress reliever? Have a special occasion coming up? Try a single float for you or as a gift.
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Individual Float Memberships

Sign up for our monthly subscription packages to get your floats at a reduced rate. Enjoy the benefits of regular floating each month, with VIP service and special member-only offers.

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