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Why Athletes Should Use Float Therapy

Why should an athlete use float therapy? Take a look at this article. Still curious how float therapy can help you? Check out our FAQs

Mineral Deficiency

I received an email recently about a topic on our web page.  Mineral deficiency. I’ve known that deficiency is an issue for most of us and this article provides great information on the subject.  “Why We Need to Supplement Minerals” Thanks to Helen from Health Ambition for reaching out to…

Levity Float Center will be at Fox 21’s Foxy Mom Expo October 8th

This Saturday, October 8th, Fox 21 will be hosting the Foxy Mom’s Expo at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs. Levity Float Center will have a booth there to talk about float therapy and the many benefits of floating. For more information clink the link:    

Can Floating Help Our Hero’s with PTSD?

In addition to a very aesthetically pleasing web article,Mandy Oaklander’s online article with ( “Float Hopes” covers the integration of floating and healing for many of the hero’s who have been battling post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. As a combat veteran, I can relate to the life altering…