Frequently Asked Questions


What should I expect?

The water in the pod is salty, warm and only 10 inches deep. When you lie on your back you will float effortlessly, and you cannot sink. In the first 40 minutes you may experience a little itching (which often occurs with meditation), the last 20 min often ends with transition from beta or alpha brainwaves to theta waves. Theta waves are often associated with enhanced creativity and problem solving. The more often you float, the longer the theta period becomes.

It is not uncommon that your neck may feel uncomfortable your first 1-2 floats. It is being positioned out of the typical forward head posture that many of us spend a lot of time in, especially in the age of computers, texting and electronic devices. We have neck supports you may use while you float that can help your neck feel more comfortable. You will usually feel very relaxed after your float so don’t plan any vigorous activities. 

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What do I wear to float?

We suggest floating nude, this removes any chance of clothing putting pressure on your skin and distracting you from relaxing. If you aren’t comfortable floating nude, bring your swimsuit.

There is a built in heater in the float pod, which keeps the water warm and at a consistent temperature  without fluctuations. The room also has heating to keep you comfortable.

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What’s the process of floating?

Use the restroom right before your float appointment.

You are escorted into a private float room that also contains a shower, shower before you float, washing your skin and hair. We provide the soap and shampoo (we have to be careful what type of oils and chemicals get into the pods). Once you have showered, just climb into the pod. We recommend you use the earplugs we provide to keep salt water out of your ears.

You can close the pod door for darkness or leave it open. You also have the option of turning on dim lights inside the pods and plugging your iPod or phone into the pod to listen to your own playlist (we recommend relaxing music of course).

Lie on your back in the warm water, float and relax.

Once your float is over, shower again to wash the salt off (note how soft your skin will be). If you have long hair, bring your hairbrush. Once you are dressed, head out with your relaxed body and clear mind and enjoy the continued benefits of your float. 


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How do I prepare for my float?

Don’t shave for at least 3 hours before you float because any nicked skin will sting in the salt water.

Eat a light meal or snack 2-3 hours before your appointment. You don’t want to float on a full stomach, and you also don’t want to be starving.

Make sure you are hydrated before you float and drink water after you float.

You will be provided with shampoo, conditioner, body soap and towels. If you have long hair, bring a brush for after your shower.

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Will I get claustrophobic?

If you have the tendency to feel claustrophobic, you can float with the pod door open. You can also turn lights on in the pod if the darkness bothers you.

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Can I float if I am pregnant?

Yes. Floating during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy can provide relief from loaded and stressed joints and muscles.

Talk with your physician if you have any concerns.

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Will I feel amazing during/after my first float?

Maybe, maybe not. During your first float, it may be difficult to relax initially. It is a new experience, very different from anything you have experienced before. You may have a hard time quieting your thoughts and relaxing your body. Try to focus on your breathing and just letting go. 

Practice makes perfect. The more your float, the more benefits you gain, and the quicker you get into the theta brain wave pattern (super learning, creative waves).

You may also feel your neck is uncomfortable because many of us are so used to having our heads in the forward head posture which stresses the spine (especially folks who work on computers). There is a neck support you can use while you float that may help your neck get more comfortable. 

If you have neck issues, ask about a free consultation with our Physical Therapist. 

You may also feel really tired and occasionally mild brief nausea has been reported. You have just performed a detox on your body so you may experience many of the things associated with detoxification. Drink water!

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Will I meet any mermaids?

You may, research has shown if you deprive your senses for long periods, hallucinations may occur. However, it usually takes much longer sensory deprivation experiences to elicit the arrival of mermaids and such.

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Can I float with someone else?

This is a solo experience. The pod is not big enough for two people. You also don’t want to keep bumping into someone, that won’t allow you to relax. 

BUT, we have two pods, so you and a significant other/friend can book the two pods at the same time.


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When should you avoid the float pod?

If you are incontinent

Under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Have an infectious disease

Have an open wound (including fresh tattoos)

Uncontrolled seizure disorders/epilepsy

First trimester of pregnancy

Diarrhea or gastroenteritis symptoms

Extremely low blood pressure

Check with your physician if you have:  asthma, allergies to salt, magnesium, severe psoriasis or eczema, psychosis. If you are pregnant and have any concerns about floating, talk to your physician. 

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Can I send my stressed out boss or coworker to float?

Yes! We offer gift cards that you can purchase for your friends, coworkers or family to come and float. Nothing says “pay raise” like a relaxed and happy boss!

BOSSES, you too may want your employees to de-stress and increase their brain capacities for work. You can purchase corporate memberships for your team and they can schedule their floats each month.


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Can I float if I am menstruating?

Yes, but please use a tampon. It is the same considerations as if you are swimming in a pool.

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How are the pods cleaned?

The water in each float pod is 37.5% salt, an environment that is inherently sterile. After each float, and anytime the pod is not in use, our state of the art purification system purifies the water.  Between each float session, the pod water runs 4 cycles through a 5-micron filter and both Ozone and UV Light technology to purify and disinfect the water. We also regularly check the water to make sure the salt ratio is perfect. 

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How often should I float?

Your float frequency is a personal preference and it depends on your goals.

We recommend floating at least once a month and we offer discounted monthly memberships. We also recommend you try floating at least 3 times as the first 1 – 2 floats are often just getting used to the low sensory environment. Some folks like to float once a week, others every other week. See what works for you!

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Can children float?

Yes, since floating can decrease stress, anxiety, sleep problems, mild skin conditions, and increases memory and learning, we allow children to float when accompanied by an adult. We recommend the child be at least 6 years old and potty trained, and the pod door remain open with the parent sitting by the pod to monitor the child at all times. You can also choose to do a 30 minute float instead of 60 minutes. 

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Any ancient stories of salt water used for healing?

We came across an interesting story about salt water in the Bible in 2 Kings 5:1-14. Naaman, the captain of the host of the king of Syria, had a bad skin condition. His king heard that he could be healed in Israel, so he sent him to his enemies with a letter and some money for the King. The King of Israel read the letter asking for his help, but he had no idea how to cure Naaman. Elisha, a prophet in Israel, over heard the king and sent for Naaman. Elisha told Naaman to go and wash in the Jordan River 7 times to heal his skin. Naaman was angered by these instructions because he thought he could have just washed in one of his own rivers back home. However, Naaman obeyed the prophet and went down to the Jordan River and dipped himself 7 times in the river. When he walked out of the river, his skin was like the skin of a child’s, smooth and new. 

Did you know that the Jordan River runs into the Dead Sea, and has also been recognized for it’s high salinity?

The healing benefits of high salt content bodies of water has been known for a very long time.

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