Why Float?

Why Float?

Levity Float Therapy

Colorado Springs


Flotation therapy is relaxing the body and the mind by  eliminating the effects of gravity and sensory stimulation and floating weightless in warm salt water in a float tank.

Do you have stress, pain, headaches?

In 60 minutes you can decrease your stress, muscle tension and pain, and give your body 4 hours worth of restorative rest! Imagine floating weightless, no pressure on your joints or muscles, no sound or light bombarding your sensory system, only the faint smell of salt water. The water and air are about the same temperature as your skin. The stress melts away as you quiet your thoughts, calm your sensory system and relax your stressed muscle and joints, releasing tension and pain.


Some conditions that flotation therapy can improve:

Stress and Muscle Tension

Stress Management 

Addictive behaviors 


Joint pain

Chronic Whiplash

Mineral Deficiency


Cortisol levels

Current research seeing promise into treatment for PTSD and Asperger’s syndrome

Muscle pain (for more see: Muscle Tension Pain)

Sleep problems

Mild Psoriasis/ eczema (salt article)


Muscle soreness 

Jet lag

Sport performance (Rifle Marksmanship, Collegiate Tennis, Collegiate Basketball PerformanceDart Throwing Performance, Sport Medicine)

Musical Performance 

Stressed bosses or coworkers (see FAQs)

Chronic pain

Post training, workout, race pain (Recovery from Maximal Eccentric Exercise)


Enhances memory and concentration

Blood pressure


Pregnancy discomfort (2nd and 3rd trimester)